Why Choose a Sustainable Lifestyle: Improving the Planet’s — and Your — Health

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You may be asking why someone would desire to live a sustainable lifestyle. It may appear that you must go out of your way for these practices. However, there are other reasons why choosing sustainability makes sense.

Technology and Industry

Over the last 100 years or more, the earth has seen dramatic changes that have had a considerable impact on the planet’s health. Technology has enabled us to accomplish more at a faster rate. The industrial revolution and technological advancements have resulted in several changes in the way we do things.

Most farms today are operated with big machinery rather than the horse and plow of a century ago. Indeed, farming has shifted from a local family farm to a huge corporate one.

Chemical fertilizers and insecticides are widely employed, and fossil fuels are used extensively to power the machinery that grows and harvests crops. Crops are monitored using technologies such as GPS devices that track harvesting.

Furthermore, several foods have been genetically engineered to increase yield or make them resistant to weed-controlling herbicides. While some experts claim that this is not a health or environmental concern, others disagree.

We’ve grown so accustomed to buying our food from supermarkets that we’ve forgotten how it got there. It is critical for the long-term viability of the planet’s resources that we pay attention to how items are manufactured and shipped.

Cleaning and Chemistry

While you may not recall a period when you did not employ chemicals to clean your house or business, that time did occur. Many of the chemicals on the market today are effective in filling your house with pleasant aromas, but they come at a cost.

Many of the common chemicals used to “clean” are highly damaging to both people and the environment. They leave pollutants behind that can be dangerous to persons who have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues.

Chemicals can also cause skin issues. If you have sensitive skin, you may discover that many commercially available soaps and detergents aggravate it. Using dye-free and perfume-free items can assist to reduce the condition.

Furthermore, numerous substances can contribute to environmental damage. Sustainable living habits have the potential to lower the number of pollutants that wind up in the water supply and the soil. They can also aid you with symptoms induced by chemical usage.

Financial Savings

While there may appear to be some out-of-pocket expenses when you modify your lifestyle, you’ll discover that sustainable living may really save you a lot of money. Growing your own food and reducing waste are two practices that might help you save money.

Many of the sustainable living solutions for cleaning, reducing energy waste, and reusing goods might be the answer if you’re searching for a method to save money. You’ll discover that living this way can help you escape the shackles of consumerism.

Consciousness Peace

Many individuals prefer sustainability because it provides them with peace of mind. You may be concerned about the planet’s future for your children and grandchildren. You could be worried about how people and animals are treated ethically.

Sustainable living may be for you if you sense an ethical drive to make decisions that will result in a healthier planet. This is also a step toward your goals if you wish to leave a legacy of ethical actions for your children and family.

Leaving Excess in the Past

Many individuals in society believe that more is more. It’s tough to exist in the world without continually seeing things you desire or believe you need. We’ve evolved into a world where individuals are more preoccupied with what they have rather than what they can contribute.

If you’re tired of “keeping up with the Joneses” and want to live a simpler life, you’re ready to transition to a more sustainable way of living. This does not imply living in a shanty or on a commune (maybe homesteading, as I mentioned in a previous article).

It appears to imply that you will learn to prioritize meeting your needs before acquiring goods. You’ll be able to appreciate what you have rather than take it for granted, as many people do when they have too much.

Breathe More Easily

When you contribute to the planet’s sustainability, you practically improve the air quality. Asthma and allergies are more prevalent today than ever before. It’s no surprise that global air quality is at an all-time low.

Planting trees, producing your own food, minimizing your reliance on fossil fuels, and lowering your energy usage may all help to create a better environment. You’ll notice that you can breathe a bit easier right away, and in the long run, you’ll be helping to reduce global warming.

Providing an Example

Some individuals are concerned that living sustainably as a single person would have little influence. However, this could not be further from the truth. When you choose to live sustainably, you might set off a chain reaction.

When your neighbor sees you harvesting from your garden, he or she may decide it’s time to plant one of his or her own. Riding your bike to work or to run errands, maybe the inspiration that others need to encourage them to ride their bikes as well.

When you make one excellent decision, it invariably leads to additional good decisions. Your effect becomes far bigger than what you achieved for the earth on your own. Never believe that you can’t affect change on your own. True change must begin with someone.

Changing Your Way of Life

As you read on, you may come to believe that living a sustainable lifestyle necessitates a significant shift in your lifestyle. Rest assured, while we discuss the large changes you can make, we’ll also discuss tiny actions that can help you preserve the Earth without having to change more than you’re willing to change.




Content around finance, survival, personal development, and creativity. Other topics may creep in from time to time. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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Content around finance, survival, personal development, and creativity. Other topics may creep in from time to time. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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